Tim & Kathy Crook

Music & Worship Director:  Tim Crook is in his eighth year as an associate professor in the teacher education faculty at Asbury University. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in elementary education from Asbury in 1975. Professor Crook had a varied background in his 27 years in public schools. He taught for 9 years in an elementary school, teaching 3rd grade to 6th grade. During his 9 years in the classroom he earned his Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Georgetown College and his Instructional Supervisor’s certification as well as his Elementary Principal’s certification from the University of Kentucky. In his 10th year in public schools, Tim became an Instructional Supervisor, a district position he held for two years. He was then principal at three different schools, ending his public school career as principal at Northside Elementary in Midway, Kentucky in 2002. After retiring from public education, Tim was a professor in the teacher education program at Midway College for four years. He also assisted Woodford Christian School as a part-time Headmaster for two of the four years. During his time at Midway, Tim started a doctoral program at Spalding University. Dr. Crook has now completed his work on his Ed. D. in leadership. At Asbury, Professor Crook currently is the Associate Dean of the school of education as well as the chair of the Department of Instructional Leadership. He teaches classes in the traditional undergraduate program, the APS elementary education program, and in the graduate program.

Professor Crook has a variety of interests that center around the elementary school. A major interest, which was a large part of his doctoral program, is in leadership. Other interests within the elementary school are the content areas of math, science, and social studies. Professor Crook believes in establishing and maintaining school climates that are nurturing, inviting, and motivating to all stakeholders within a school. Another of his interests is the role that School Based Decision Making Councils have in schools across the state of Kentucky. He has conducted numerous trainings across the state in the last 13 years as a trainer for the Kentucky Association for School Councils. Above all these areas of interest, the number one passion for Tim is the education and preparation of the students who walk through the doors of our elementary schools.

Tim is married to his best friend, Kathy, who graduated from Asbury in 1974. They have two grown children. Their son, Stephen, lives in Mentor, Ohio, with his family, and their daughter, Elizabeth, lives outside Dallas, Texas with her family. Tim and Kathy have 6 wonderful grandchildren. Tim enjoys music of all kinds and is the music minister at his church, Versailles United Methodist. Travel and landscaping are two of his favorite pastimes.

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