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Addiction 101 — Gary McCracken
Addiction 101 is a simple, down to earth class that explains addiction in easy to understand terms. This class is designed to help educate and support those who  care for someone with an addiction and those who may be facing addiction themselves.

It’s Not What You Think — Pastor Tim
This class will read and discuss the book of the same name by Jefferson Bethke. It’s Not What You Think  is a unique look at the Bible and discovers a story far more beautiful and compelling than the one most Christians are telling. God wants us to be part of his plan to restore the world. The book is an easy read, costs $11 and scholarships are available.

Everything I Want To Do In Photography I Can Do With My Smartphone — Jimmy Henning
Explore photography with the best camera you have — your smartphone! This class will focus on the basics of photography and all you can do with your phone and free phone apps. The class will go out and explore some of God’s great beauty in Woodford Co.

Let’s Talk! Breaking the Silence around Mental Illness in Our Communities of Faith — Randy Gnau
This is a discussion format and topics include, Why Is Mental Illness So Hard to Talk About?, Breaking the Silence, So Let’s Talk About It!, and What Can You Do? What Can We Do? Gain valuable insight & become more comfortable with issues of faith and mental illness.


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