I recently read an article in Relevant Magazine about how to be more effective on short-term mission trips. There were some great points in the article, but one stood out to me among the rest: “Learning Takes Place in the Context of Reciprocal Relationships.” Often times when we go on mission trips, we are excited about changing someone’s life and hoping that they see Jesus through our actions and our words. When we get the chance to talk to the people we are helping, we mainly want to hear about their lives and everything they have been through in the midst of poverty or disaster. But often, they want and need to know us as well. How hard is it for you to open up and be vulnerable to complete strangers? Sharing some of your personal story with someone can go a long way in building relationships. I know that is easier said than done and not everyone is open to sharing their struggles with others. But, if your story could be used to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, doesn’t that change things? If we become comfortable with sharing our story with others, that allows us to build relationships, and relationships help break down vulnerable walls in order share the story of Jesus. Let’s get comfortable in sharing our story with other people and building relationships to advance the kingdom of God!

Get Comfortable and Share